A little bit about me...

There’s something about that downhome feeling and the great outdoors that has always called my name. After graduating from Mississippi State University, where I majored in Marketing and Public Relations, I found my way back to the familiar roads of the community that raised me in Richton, MS. Fast forward to today, and now I find myself living my dream while managing our family-owned farm and building supply business in Richton, MS, and serving the spirited youth at Asbury Church in Petal, MS, where I now reside with my beautiful wife, Ann Riley and our precious daughter.

Growing up alongside the hardworking souls of small-town Richton, I learned more than just how to work the land and cattle. I learned the value of an honest work ethic, the importance of community, and the unmatched satisfaction of making a tangible difference in people's lives. These lessons have become the bedrock of my approach to real estate, especially when it comes to properties that echo my own upbringing—farmland, timber tracts, homes with acreage, or that perfect hunting camp for weekend retreats.

Whether you’re looking for a place to plant roots or aiming to buy and hold for a long-term investment, I bring a blend of professional expertise and personal passion to the table. I’ll show you the ins and outs of real estate. If you're navigating the real estate market in search of farmland, timberland, homes with acreage, or just a place to hang your hat and call home, give me a ring. Let's cultivate your dreams into reality, with the care and diligence they deserve.