Rising Interest Rates Could Cost You

The predictions are true, mortgage rates are on the rise in the new year. The 30-year rate is currently averaging around 3.5%, while it was 2.5% heading into the holidays just a few short months ago. Land and home inventory supply is still very low, while prices remain high. What does this mean for you as a buyer? It means you need a REALTOR® who can add value to you and your purchase. Your best friend in today’s market is an agent who is keeping an eye on new inventory and an advocate that will keep you from overpaying.

So why should you use South and Company? Our agents are working hard every day to meet the needs of our buyer clients. We are here to help you pay what the property is worth, get in front of potential issues, and keep you informed as we head to closing. Don’t be discouraged. Although prices are high, sitting on the sidelines could cost you money in the long run. South and Company Properties is here to help you get back in the game. Click here to team up with one of our skilled professionals who is ready to work for you.